Sunday, November 1, 2009


Time's ticking down and we are still progressing, but despite the good run we've had with great people and with helpful people and awesome deals, sooner or later we were bound to hit trouble:

The internet is ripe with deals a-lenty, but what the internet giveth the internet taketh away.

Bought a hitch for our F150 Tow vehicle - found out yesterday it's for a GMC.
Bought a pair of seats from someone of the web, a month later they're nowehre to be found.
Ordered a set of sweet 15x7 rims for the race rubber... 3 out of the 4 rims were bent.

On a better note, Jason tuned the mix and we're now using 1/2 the gas we were, the cage is installed, and the racing seat & pads are days away.

(Jason has to explain to us what an engine is)

Still going to be a little tight, but we're still on track!

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