Monday, July 20, 2009

Bringing her home

Introducing the pinnacle of automotive perfection:
1983 Volvo 240 TURBO (Intercooled)

So packed with performance, some of it started to leak out into the driveway

There are only two things I want to know when evaluating interiors: How blue and how plush?

The Powerhouse!
(note FIA approved battery restraint bottom of pic)

The Good
Interor (can sell to offset buld costs)
Engine runs & idles
Drives straight

The Bad
321,000 kms
Clunk in drivetrain (engine bushings?)
Hesitation in mid range, fuel delivery issues perhaps.
Power windows broken & only blows hot air

The last one isn't a huge issue for LeMons in winter, but it was for my teammate when we drove the car back to my place during a heatwave:
32° (89.6 ºF) day + windows broken + only blowing hot air = unhappy Tiago.

Least I assume it was uncomfortable, the AC was icy fresh in my car so it was hard to be subjective.

1 comment:

  1. LOL Dispite the less good (not BAD!) properties of the car, it's a classic and a great machine!! Congrats on your idea and inniciative! Wish you best of luck!

    Signed: Ivo (Tiago's classmate in ESCS!)

    P.S.: Grande Tiago! Ideia brutal! lol Boa sorte! Esse carro vai ficar a brilhar!