Saturday, July 18, 2009

We have a contender!

My teammate Tiago (who has a Volvo fetish bordering on disturbing) is focused on the swedish bricks & has found what he thinks is a gem in the rough. A 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo (with intercooler!) with a mere 321000 kms.

While I was leaning towards small, light and Japanese, the appeal of a RWD turbo sedan has it merits.

It spent most of its life in Northen BC, so there's now more rust than metal, though the interior is immaculate for a 26 year old car, and mechanicals are in surprisingly good shape. Drives straight, turbo spools up well. The couple selling it have a baby on the way so it had been parked up for a while.

It has LeMons wirtten all over it.

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